Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair: Commercial & Residential

Asphalt Engineering performs asphalt repair services for residential and commercial customers. A repair can range from a large crack that is 3″ wide to replacing an entire section of a parking lot.

Different Types of Common Asphalt Repairs

Heat and Shoe

This method is used for very small imperfections in the asphalt. Hot asphalt mix is added to the damaged area and compacted.

Patch Work

This method is the most common form of repair. The area of damaged asphalt will be sawcut and the damaged asphalt as well as sub-base will be removed. The sub-base is then replaced with 3/4″ reprocessed gravel and compacted. The area is then paved, compacted and sealed.


This method is most commonly used for roadway repairs. The asphalt is heated and new mix is added to the existing asphalt.

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“Our experience from beginning to end was unusually positive. Everyone we dealt with, from office staff, to estimater, to road crew was great! Small details were taken care of with quality. They went out of their way to work with us to make sure we got the end product that we wanted. It was the best contractor service I have had.” – Groton, Massachusetts Homeowner

“My driveway, walkway and sidewalks needed to be dug up and replaced. It went exceptionally. Great team – very professional. Worked quickly, neatly and explained everything I need to know. Even had neighbors stop over to say what a wonderful job they did.” - Angie's List Reviewer