If you are having issues with water in, on or around your driveway or garage, Asphalt Engineering is the company to call. We specialize in water management and are able to develop a proposal to address your unique driveway concerns. We use a transit compass to measure the pitch of your driveway, lawn and garage floor. Water run off points and down spouts are taken in to consideration when planning the layout and drainage system for your driveway.

Our team is experienced in designing and installing PVC pipes from downspouts, catch basins, french drains, and drywells. All materials used are certified to withstand the pressure of our road sized paving equipment and future vehicle traffic.

Catch Basin

If a catch basin is sunken down or uneven it may need to be rebuilt. Rebuilding a catch basin consists of removing the steel frame, cover, and any damaged brick or block down to the concrete base. We then rebuild the catch basin with new block to brick and concrete. Once rebuilt the steel and cover are placed on top of the basin and set in concrete to ensure strength. After the concrete cures we then pave a 2″ basecoat, compact, pave a 2″ topcoat, compact, and seal all seams to ensure water is unable to penetrate. Cones are left on site for a couple days to ensure traffic does not drive on the area until the repair has completely cured.

French Drain

French drains are most often installed on the edge of driveways to keep water from entering the asphalt sub-base where it could compromise the integrity of the pavement and potentially lead to damaged areas. The ideal driveway design pitches water away from the driveway and home, however based on the pitch of surrounding land and roadways this is not always possible. In these unique situations it is important that the water flow is managed by using a french drain system or comparable drainage system.

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“My driveway, walkway and sidewalks needed to be dug up and replaced. It went exceptionally. Great team – very professional. Worked quickly, neatly and explained everything I need to know. Even had neighbors stop over to say what a wonderful job they did.” - Angie's List Reviewer