Boy is this guy a beast!!!! Another addition to Asphalt Engineering’s state of the art fleet is the Bobcat T870. The T870 is the largest compact track loader ever manufactured. This machine gives our prep crew the use of more powerful hydraulics, higher lift capacities and reach, increased pushing power and higher horsepower than any other Bobcat compact track loader.

The success of any construction project starts with the foundation. Building a driveway to last is no exception. In order to have a proper sub-base your paving company must have powerful enough equipment to dig down 4, 12, 20 inches under your driveway to remove insufficient sub-base materials. That material must then be replaced with compacted dense grade material.

A driveway is a large financial investment that can last you 20-30 years if installed correctly. Choose Asphalt Engineering and you can be confident your driveway will be installed and built to last with the latest technology and most powerful equipment on the market.

Do you have an upcoming commercial paving or residential paving project? Need help with asphalt maintenance, repair, or berms, curbs, or walkways? We also can help you with drainage and offer seasonal snow plowing and snow removal.

We are here to help. Speak with one of our Project Engineers. We’ll be glad to provide you with a competitive price and we know you’ll be very happy with the outcome.

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